Gluten-free Bread Making — What I’ve Learned

Eight months ago I bought the T-fal Actibread machine on amazon (mostly because it was cheap, but it also had really good reviews) because I wanted to see if I could make a good Paleo/ Gluten-free bread for my toddler son. I’ve lived mostly without bread for a long time, and didn’t really mind it. We

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Gluten-free Pasta Taste Test

I wanted to bake up a big mac and cheese that The Wee Man could eat, but let’s face it: gluten-free pastas aren’t always great and mac and cheese is a lot of work. I didn’t want to waste my time and energy for a lousy result, so off I went to Earth Fare and

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Sugar and Sweeteners

Sugar and sweeteners are a big topic of debate in the culinary and nutrition worlds. All the recipes that are sweetened on this blog however will use only the following sweeteners I consider acceptable. Acceptable Sweeteners: sugar organic, unprocessed, raw white or brown sugar, sucanat/evaporated cane juice maple syrup or maple sugar honey date sugar

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Egg Substitutes

We eat eggs by the dozen in our house (and are anxiously awaiting the day we have chickens of our own!), but I wanted to do a quick post here regarding egg substitutions. A good friend of mine has a child with an egg allergy, so her favorite substitute was “flax eggs” (a mixture of

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Organic Nuts–Yes or No?

Since the Environmental Working Group (EWG) never includes nuts on its produce lists, I never really thought much about whether to buy organic nuts or not. As a general rule, we buy as much organic as we can, but when we wanted to see if we could shop for our household on $100/ week (plus

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Detox or Don’t?

In case you haven’t read my bio, I have a long professional background in natural health and healing. I started my first business, a holistic wellness center, in 2000 and have been immersed in mind-body-spirit wellness consistently since then (I earned many certifications in those days, but they’re so much older that I won’t bother

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Can This Trick Turn Your Morning Coffee into Brain Fuel?

I’ve been hearing about “Bulletproof Coffee” for a few years now, including from a physician friend of mine who specializes in optimizing performance. Despite that, I must admit it did not sound appealing. Basically, the idea is that instead of a solid breakfast, you have high-quality organic coffee with butter and coconut oil mixed in.

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