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For the past 20+ years, I've been cooking to accommodate a variety of food preferences, allergies, and styles. Lately, I've been working on paleo breads and baking with cassava flour since we've realized it's sooooooo much easier to send The Wee Man to preschool with sandwiches in his lunch. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

Chef's Recipes

Superb Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting

The Wee Man has been requesting “cake with strawberries on it” obsessively since a month before his third birthday (which is in December, so the organic strawberries we finally found went bad quickly). So… after perfecting my Irresistibly Moist Paleo Muffins (Infinitely Customizable)–and realizing how delicious they would be as cupcakes–I knew strawberry muffins (cupcakes)

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Irresistibly Moist Paleo Muffins (Infinitely Customizable)

I wanted to find a solid basic recipe that would work as a base for a variety of muffins, so I turned to my America’s Test Kitchen cookbook for guidance. Cassava is a great alternative flour, but it’s high carb, so I opted for almond flour to make this a little better for my body

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Hot Cheesy Spinach Dip (with Swiss Chard)

I LOVE hot, cheesy spinach dip. I do not love swiss chard. That said, we’re moving and trying to empty out our freezer and cabinets, and we’ve had a bag of frozen swiss chard sitting in the freezer for about a hundred years now.  I could have sautéed it or put it in a stir

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Stacked Enchiladas

When my sisters and I think about our childhood comfort foods, “stacked enchiladas” is at the top of the list. The original version came from a 1980’s microwave cookbook, but it has long since been committed to memory for each of us. Over the years, we’ve each made our own changes to make it healthier

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Primal Belgian Waffles

We don’t go to the effort of making waffles frequently, but the Wee Man saw the waffle maker a few days ago and has been asking for waffles. It took a few days, but we finally pulled out the machine and adapted a bunch of recipes into one we felt good about (that yields these

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Pimiento Cheese Boats

Even without knowing what it was, I always thought pimiento cheese sounded gross. Despite growing up south of the Mason-Dixon line, the DC suburbs always felt more northern (and cosmopolitan) than southern, and pimiento cheese is definitely a southern thing. When we moved to Asheville though, I finally worked up the nerve to try it.

(4.1 / 5)
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