Colleen Gardner

Culinary Genius (AKA The Wee Man's Fairy Godmother)

Colleen has a long history as an award-winning pastry chef, cooking instructor, and caterer specializing in groups with multiple food allergies and dietary preferences. Ariana, David, and The Wee Man were fortunate enough to share a house with her for a year and a half and enjoy her wonderful cooking and sunny personality on a daily basis.

Chef's Recipes

Quiche à la Colleen (aka The Best Quiche Ever) with 13 Variations

Colleen is a culinary genius. I love preeeeeeetty much anything she makes. But her quiches??? I didn’t know they could be SO good.¬†Seriously. After a million texts asking her for the secrets (because every time I try to make one on my own I panic that it won’t be the delicious dish she makes), I

(4.1 / 5)
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