Stacked Enchiladas

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  • 9" deep dish casseroleYield
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  • 10 mPrep Time
  • 25 mCook Time
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When my sisters and I think about our childhood comfort foods, “stacked enchiladas” is at the top of the list. The original version came from a 1980’s microwave cookbook, but it has long since been committed to memory for each of us.

Over the years, we’ve each made our own changes to make it healthier (such as replacing the old Campbell’s condensed golden mushroom soup with organic condensed cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soup).

This is my version. Occasionally instead of buying g-f tortillas I’ve made egg crepes (because my homemade g-f tortillas have never been as good as I want them to be), but it’s so easy to get paleo tortillas nowadays, that I usually don’t bother making the egg crepes anymore. Refried beans also makes it non-primal (which is our preferred eating style at home), but as an occasional treat, I like to include them. I do sometimes make a bean-less version for my hubby though (not an insult… at his request). 😉

Like my Grain-free Lasagne recipe, I often make two of these and freeze one before baking. If you do that, be sure to put a little olive oil on the inside of the foil (or lid) so the cheese won’t stick to it when you do bake it.

We try our best to minimize waste in our home, but when I’m making extra stacked enchiladas (or lasagne) I do use disposable trays — especially if I’m making them for family gatherings or other events where I may not be able to immediately retrieve my dish. IF you do this, make sure you put a baking tray under the disposable casserole dish because it will be extremely difficult to remove the disposable pan from the oven without spilling it or sticking your oven mitt into the food. (You can see I also cheat when I’m making the ones to freeze by using pre-shredded cheddar cheese. Shhhhh… that’s our secret….) Obviously, your nice round stoneware dish will not need this.


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Step by step method

  • 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Take 1-2 spoonfuls of salsa and use it to lightly coat the bottom of a 9-inch round (3.5" deep) casserole dish.

  • 2. Brown the ground beef in a large deep sauté pan. Drain some of the liquid out of the salsa. When almost fully cooked, add salsa and condensed cream of chicken soup.

  • 3. Stir together and cook over medium heat. If omitting the beans, simmer to reduce any excess liquid.

  • 4. If using refried beans, add them in now and stir until fully combined. Turn off stovetop.

  • 5. Layer the casserole. Bottom of the dish should have salsa, then place a tortilla, several scoops of the beef/ bean mixture, then shredded cheese. Note: the top layer should just be tortillas then shredded cheese.

    6. If making ahead, allow to cool completely before placing in the fridge or freezer. Otherwise, bake at 350 degrees (F) until to and bubbly, approximately 10 minutes.

Tips & variations

  • VEGETARIAN OPTION: omit beef and replace with vegetables such as bell peppers & onions. Instead of condensed cream of chicken soup, use condensed cream of mushroom soup.

  • NUT-FREE OPTION: instead of Siete almond flour tortillas, use their cassava flour tortillas, other gluten-free tortillas, make your own tortillas, or use egg crepes.

Ariana Ayu

Head Blogger/ Chef

For the past 20+ years, I've been cooking to accommodate a variety of food preferences, allergies, and styles. Lately, I've been working on paleo breads and baking with cassava flour since we've realized it's sooooooo much easier to send The Wee Man to preschool with sandwiches in his lunch. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

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